Ability Built Computers

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of 10/1/2020, Ability Built Computers has discontinued direct sales to individuals. Ability Built will continue to supply schools and nonprofit organizations
with equipment as it is available and individuals will be encouraged to work through
community nonprofit partners to obtain items to meet their needs.

Ability Built Computers will no longer be accepting individual appointments, individual donations, and individual repairs of any kind.

If you have questions please email: abilitybuilt@abcinc.org

Apologies for any inconvenience as these changes are an unfortunate necessity.

About Ability Built Computers

Ability Built Computers is an innovative program of Ability Building Center (ABC) in partnership with community government, non-governmental and private sector organizations throughout Southeastern Minnesota.

Our program refurbishes donated computer equipment and makes this equipment available for sale at reduced prices to qualified schools and nonprofit organizations.

Ability Built Computers has three primary goals:

  1. Provide high-quality, cost-effective technology solutions to eligible partners (lower income individuals and families, schools and eligible nonprofit organizations);
  2. Provide modern job opportunities to people with disabilities; and
  3. Recycle, refurbish, and reuse as much equipment as possible, leaving very little to enter the waste stream.
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Information for Organizations (Non-profits, schools, etc.)

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Donate. Our program partners with community government, non-governmental and private sector organizations to receive unneeded computer and technology equipment. For more information please contact us by email or by phone at (507) 535-7119.