Community-Based Competitive Placement

Community-based Competitive Placement is a CARF-accredited vocational rehabilitation program. ABC’s Competitive Placement exists to help a person find and keep a job in the community.

As with all ABC programs, the Competitive Placement staff is compassionate, competent, and committed. Their job is to help individuals discover work goals, organize and refine résumés and cover letters, learn to network and advocate for themselves, refine their interviewing skills, and “sell” themselves to potential employers.

Before you can be admitted to ABC’s Competitive Placement program:

  • You must be referred by another professional source that is knowledgeable of your potential to perform competitive employment.
  • You must demonstrate and/or express a willingness to participate in developing and carrying out an Individual Work Plan.
  • You must have interest and adequate work skills to perform competitive employment.
  • You must be able to work independently.


Sarah Timmerman
Phone: (507) 535-7137
Fax: (507) 281-6270