Woodland Industries

Center-Based Employment (CBE) at Woodland Industries is a CARF-accredited extended employment program for a person with a disability or disabilities that limits his or her work opportunities. Participants in this program may be working toward job-readiness in the community or they may simply be adding to their existing skills. The goal of a participant in the CBE program should be to discover his or her “best fit” jobs-wise, and do the work required to get there. Participants in this program are very independent – they are responsible for their own transportation and attendance. Many structured work areas make up the CBE program, and each area provides new and different work opportunities. New opportunities mean new challenges for participants, but they also mean new skills are there to be learned and mastered. Some of the work being done in our CBE work areas includes:

    • Sewing
    • Assembly
    • Shredding
    • Grommeting
    • Data Entry
    • Bulk Mailing
    • Box Assembly
    • Packaging and Shipping

This program offers a variety of supportive work settings, individualized program planning, work behavior development and skills building. As with all of ABC’s programs, CBE is staffed by professionals dedicated to Person-Centered, team-based programming. Each participant’s team may include family, guardians, a social worker, medical or mental health providers, residential staff, an ABC Job Coach and Program Coordinator, and most importantly, the participants themselves.

For more information contact:

Judy Johnson
ABC Director of Programs
Woodland Industries
Houston County Minnesota
(507) 725-2092