Vocational Evaluation

The Vocational Evaluation program provides an assessment of an individual’s vocational abilities, interests and potential. The goal is to assist in developing an appropriate vocational direction. The program serves individuals who have difficulty maintaining employment due to emotional, social, physical and intellectual barriers to employment and those whose employment capabilities are unknown. All vocational evaluations are person-centered and community-based.

The outcomes of a Vocational Evaluation are many and varied. Many individuals are referred for Competitive Placement services for assistance in obtaining competitive employment, while other recommendations may be for post-secondary education or other programs/services offered through ABC.

Individuals interested in receiving Vocational Evaluation services must be referred by a qualified funding source. This typically is from Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS), but can also include a referral from County Social Services.

For more information contact:

Sarah Timmerman
Phone: (507) 535-7137