All ABC Programs Are Dedicated To Consumer Choice

Person-Centered programs and services have been created to address individual needs and desires. By wrapping services around individuals, we achieve a level of participant satisfaction that has been the key to their success for over 50 years.

ABC Works: For people who need extra help on the job or to develop the skills to get a job. ABC Works has locations in La Crescent and Caledonia, MN.

Abilities Unlimited: For people who have had a traumatic brain injury, but want to reconnect with the community and its resources. This program is located in Rochester, MN.

Ability Enterprises: For people who need extra help on the job or help developing the skills to get a job. This program is located in Rochester, MN.

Ability Options: For people who choose social, leisure, and recreational activities. This non-vocational program is located in Rochester, MN.

Center-Based Employment in Rochester, MN and Woodland Industries in Caledonia, MN: For people who want to work but may find working in the community challenging.

Community-Based School Employment: For teenagers and young adults who will be entering the work-force in the next few years, this program gives them the chance to try out many different kinds of work in a variety of settings.

Competitive Placement: For people needing guided exploration of career goals, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and getting a job in the community.

Employer of Record Services: Employer of Record Services assist clients in their efforts to direct their own supports. These services are available in Houston County, MN.

Independent Living Skills: For people who may live independently, but need extra help with daily living (i.e., riding the bus, doing laundry, and banking). This program is based out of ABC in Rochester, MN, but serves clients in other communities outside of Olmsted County as well.

Individualized Supported Employment: Provides training and highly customized ongoing support for individuals working in the community.  This program is only offered out of the Rochester, MN location.

Southern Minnesota Assistive Technology Center (SMATC): Provides technology, devices, and training to people with disabilities that can assist them in work, education, and independent living. The SMATC lab is physically located at ABC in Rochester, MN.

Supported Employment: For those workers who need a minimal amount of help getting and keeping a job. ABC has Supported Employment programs in both Rochester, MN and Caledonia, MN.

Vocational Evaluation: For a person with little or no employment history, this program aims to provide an assessment of work skills and interests. ABC offers Vocational Evaluation in both Rochester, MN, and Caledonia, MN.