Hire Someone from ABC

Hire an ABC worker directly and get a great employee and some valuable benefits, such as:

  • No hiring fees
  • Pre-screening of candidates to match skills with job openings
  • Assistance identifying natural supports and developing positive relationship with co-worker(s) and supervisor(s)
  • Follow up services to ensure long-term success

Job Tryouts

Job tryouts typically last one to two weeks, and are designed to give both employer and potential employee the opportunity to work together and determine if a job is a good fit for both. The employer is under no obligation to hire at the end of the tryout, but of course may choose to hire the individual. All Workers’ Compensation and liabilities will be covered through Ability Building Center.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a federal tax program designed to help individuals of certain target groups secure meaningful employment by providing a federal income tax credit incentive to employers who hire them. A business that hires such an individual is eligible for this tax credit. More information is available at the U.S. Department of Labor’s Website.


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