Ability Enterprises

Hands at workAbility Enterprises (AE) is a licensed Day Training and Habilitation program designed for people with significant barriers to employment, yet with a desire to work. The program offers a variety of work opportunities, skills development, and volunteer activities, both in community job settings and in structured environments in our facility. Through partnerships with local businesses, and under the supervision of our dedicated staff, clients work in paid positions and achieve a level of independence.

Here are some of our community-based business partners, and what AE participants do for them:

  • Mayo Clinic – cafeteria monitoring, fitness floor custodial and general custodial services
  • Rochester Community & Technical College – dish room, laundry, and delivery services
  • People’s Co-Op – food packaging, dishwashing
  • Pepsi – repackaging and disposal
  • Rochester Athletic Club – fitness floor custodial
  • Microtel – laundry services
  • Lourdes High School – Dishwashing
  • Olive Garden Restaurant – silverware wrapping
  • Doorstep Distributing – door-to-door delivery of fliers and coupons

In our building, Ability Enterprises has the staff and training resources to help participants try new things, develop new skills, or further their existing skills. This is an environment for people who may be unable to work at a community-based job.

Job opportunities through Ability Enterprises in the main building include:

  • Kit-building
  • Packaging
  • Collating
  • Assembly
  • Document Scanning
  • Shredding

Service Area:  Olmsted County, Minnesota


Kristen Lynne
Phone: (507) 535-7123
Fax: (507) 281-6270