Independent Living Skills and Semi-Independent Living Skills

The Independent Living Skills (ILS) and Semi Independent Living Skills (SILS) programs support individuals in Southeastern Minnesota with a variety of disabilities, including developmental disabilities. We accomplish this by working with them to develop and maintain the skills they need to live as independently as possible within the community.

The ILS and SILS staff provide a wide range of customized services aimed at helping participants achieve a self-directed life. Services may include:

    • Household Organization, Paperwork/Mail Sorting, etc.
    • Housekeeping
    • First Aid and Seeking Help in an Emergency
    • Personal Care and Hygiene
    • Meal Planning and Cooking
    • Grocery and Personal Shopping
    • Arranging Transportation and Bus training
    • Arranging/Attending Medical Appointments (If Requested)
    • Personal Finance and Money Management
    • Vocational Skills Building
    • Social Skills and Community Integration
    • Pet Care
    • Self-Advocacy
    • Medication Help (SILS Only)

ILS/SILS supports adults over the age of 18 with brain injuries, developmental disabilities, and other disabilities.

For more information about the programs in Rochester, please contact:

Sarah Timmerman
Director of Program Innovation
Phone: (507) 535-7137

For more information about the programs in Houston County, please contact:

Judy Johnson
ABC Director of Programs

(507) 725-2057 – ABC Works Caledonia
(507) 895-7161 – ABC Works La Crescent
(507) 725-2092 – Woodland Industries