Protocult Collection Device

To ensure reliability in a sampled testing protocol, control over every step of the testing process is critical. Regardless of which assay is ultimately employed, the reliability of the test outcome — and the subsequent diagnosis — can be jeopardized by uncontrolled and non-standardized sampling techniques. This is particularly evident where sampling is self administered and unsupervised, as in the case of fecal sampling.

Even though millions of fecal screenings are performed each year, techniques for gathering the stool for sampling have largely been left to the patient’s ingenuity. A study by the Mayo Clinic and the Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation concluded that “failure to control this critical step in the screening process results in inescapable biochemical artifact, an awkward task for patients, and possibly reduced compliance.” *


Present information does not specifically test the impact of the Protocult™ stool collector on patient compliance; however, during a one week period of observation among 915 outpatients at the Mayo Clinic, the return rate of fecal specimens incorporating the Protocolt™ specimen collector was 97%.* The study concluded that the high return rate “reflects both high patient compliance and technical success in obtaining the stool sample using a system that incorporates the collection device.” *

Is it possible to customize a Protocult™ order?
Yes, custom configurations, incorporating pre-printed or existing mailing envelopes, specific instructions, or personalized lab, clinic or hospital identification can be arranged with high volume orders.

How long does it take to receive my order?
Unless you are making a custom order or international order you should receive your order in 7-10 business days.

Why is the Protocult™ collection device easy to use?

protocultcoverProtocult™ consists of a disposable water-resistant frame which supports an integrated tear-away paper collection dish. The device attaches conveniently to the toilet seat via adhesive-backed tapes. When sampling is completed, the collection dish and remaining waste are inoffensively flushed away, while the frame easily detaches from the toilet seat and is discarded in the trash.

Patient options when a Protocult™ collection device is not available

protocultinstructSome (17%) caught their stool in a make-shift receptacle, such as a kitchen pan, bowl or coffee can. Others (10%) defecated into newspaper, toilet tissue, or wax paper held in the hand or placed on the floor. Still others (17%) reported that they had been unwilling or unable to collect their stool.*

* AHLQUIST DA, ET AL. “A stool collection device: the first step in occult blood testing.” Ann Intern Med. 1988; 108:609-612.

Protocult™ stool collection devices are made in the U.S.A.

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