Abilities Unlimited

Abilities Unlimited – or AU – is a licensed structured day program for adults who have acquired physical and/or cognitive impairments as a result of traumatic brain injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, accident, or a variety of other conditions. The program offers a variety of daily activities tailored to meet their specific needs, interests and schedules. All activities are designed to enhance the participants’ cognitive, social and communication skills.  Program components include cognitive and physical fitness, personal care and wellness, community integration, leisure education, peer support, behavior management, communication, and social skills training. AU participants have many opportunities to volunteer.  Currently, we volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House and at Channel One Food Shelf.

We provide a blend of recreation and leisure activities, with community integration as a focus of our programming.


  1. To maximize the participant’s physical and emotional well being by supporting self sufficiency in areas of activities of daily living and health maintenance.
  2. To create a meaningful program experience that meets the diverse needs and interests of each participant.
  3. To encourage participant’s integration into our community by providing a broad range of community based experiences/services.
  4. To provide stimulation and maintenance of participant’s cognitive functioning and increase self-awareness through creative and self-expressive programming.

Service Area:  Olmsted County, Minnesota


Sarah Timmerman
Director of Program Innovation
Phone: (507) 535-7137