Covid-19 Updates & Resources

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To our Community,

ABC has continued to reopen programs and services over the last few months slowly. Each decision is carefully thought out, and the focus remains entirely on the safety of the individuals we serve, our staff, and our communities. Here is a current update on ABC programs –

ABC’s ILS/SILS program reopened in April, providing vital in-home services. This program was the first to be able to return to the full capacity of operations. Our Individualized Employment Services (IES) department ramped up operations again in June. These programs focus on helping individuals find competitive employment in the community and supporting them upon job hire. Both ILS/SILS & IES are happy to be currently accepting new referrals.

Our community-based employment services (enclaves) have steadily been resuming operations since the end of June, as employers have reopened their businesses. ABC has been welcomed back with open arms, as we work closely with each business to ensure everyone’s safety.

ABC resumed some facility-based operations in July, with Center-based Employment (CBE) continuing for individuals who live independently or in family homes.

On September 14th, ABC expanded facility-based operations with reopening Ability Enterprises and increasing those served in Center-based Employment to include individuals living in any environment. Due to hours and capacity restrictions, everyone continues to work a much-reduced schedule, but the excitement people have had in being back to work has been great to see.

ABC still has a large population of individuals served who have not yet been able to resume any of their pre-covid activities, especially in our rec/leisure programs. These programs’ timeline will be reevaluated regularly but most likely will not continue until closer to the end of the year or the beginning of 2021.

The adjustments being made due to Covid-19 have been a challenge in scheduling, coordinating, and implementing, but knowing we can serve individuals and do so safely makes all the challenges worthwhile.

As we adapt and learn to live with the changes caused by COVID-19, we monitor the updates from the MN Department of Health and the Department of Human Services. We also continue to work collectively with our partners in the disability community to help each other through these trying times.

We are happy to have many of the individuals we serve and staff back. Our buildings are a bit more active than the previous months, and we look forward to when we can welcome back individuals we serve that have not been able to return yet. We know that the steps taken are for the safety of all. Thank you to our communities for their continued support, together we will continue to celebrate abilities, one person, at a time.


Ability Building Community