Inside ABC Winter 2018/19: Presenting the ABC Positive Support Team


Winter 2018/19

Presenting the ABC Positive Support Team

Introducing the ABC Positive Support Team! ABC staff from Rochester and Houston County have been attending trainings to complete a three-year Person Centered Practices program sponsored by the University of Minnesota. This program is part of an initiative to integrate person-centered thinking into the direct support workforce across Minnesota. The staff members attending this training took what they have learned and formed the ABC Positive Support Team.

Team group photo.

Members of the ABC Positive Support Team.

The purpose of the Positive Support Team is to better the lives of the individuals that we serve and the staff that work at ABC by creating a positive and inclusive environment. The vision of this team is that Person Centered Practices are at the heart of our organization and that they are fully integrated into all aspects of ABC. Essentially, this team wants to make ABC the best that it can be for all people who enter its doors. 

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