Inside ABC Winter 2018/19: Employee Spotlights


Winter 2018/19

Employee Spotlights

Welcome to Employee Spotlight, a new feature of Inside ABC. In late 2018 we asked all of ABC’s direct support professionals to provide brief profiles of some of their amazing participants. Here are the first in what we hope will become a regular feature. 

Vicky Barry photo.

Vicki Barry

After 40 years of working at ABC, Vicki Barry still loves her job. “I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else,” she said in an interview.

Over the years she has been at a variety of job sites, which include: Hy-Vee, Mount Olive and several Inn & Suites locations. For the last five years her primary focus has been housekeeping.

Her coordinator and job coaches say she works hard every day. She keeps her co-workers on task and makes sure to crack a couple jokes throughout the day. Her sense of humor and how much she cares has made her an asset to her job sites. 

Congratulations on your 40 year anniversary Vicki!

Wayne Breeser photo.

Wayne Breeser

Wayne Breeser has been successfully employed at the Olive Garden in Onalaska, Wisconsin since July 10, 1995. 

For 23 years Wayne has been independently working as a dishwasher with supported employment visits from Woodland Industries. 

Wayne works Monday thru Friday and every other Saturday in the dish room at the Olive Garden and is a very valued employee. 

Wayne lives in Caledonia with his wife Laura and their new puppy. 

In Wayne’s free time he likes to work around their house and spend time with his family. 

Keep up the great work Wayne!

Carol Gronseth photo.

Carol Gronseth

Carol is celebrating her 45th year at ABC this year. Carol currently works at Bowlocity, 125 Live, and Ironwood Springs but has worked at a variety of job sites over the years. 

Carol is a great worker and takes pride in working at ABC. “I love working at ABC. I am so proud of my 45 year anniversary. I’m not sure when I’m going to retire. You will have to wait and see.” 

People that have met Carol are blown away by her sense of humor and vibrant personality. Carol enjoys spending her free time watching the Vikings, Twins, and  Gophers. 

Congratulations Carol on 45 amazing years!

Tami Sabo photo.

Tami Sabo

Tami came to Caledonia ABC Works in June of 2013 after completing the School to Work Program. 

Tami has two community jobs through ABC Works: at the ABLE Central Office in Caledonia and at the Caledonia Fitness Center.

When not employed in the community Tami works in-center on bolts, collating fliers, shredding, paper separating, folding laundry and custodial jobs.

In her free time Tami likes to swim, eat out, go for walks, spend time with her friends, watch movies, dance and do jigsaw puzzles.

Tami has been a real asset to the ABC Works team for the past five years plus! 

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