Inside ABC Winter 2018/19: ABC Forges Ahead “Into the Future”


Winter 2018/19

ABC Forges Ahead “Into the Future”

by Bruce Remme, Executive Director 

Recent years have brought dramatic changes to ABC, many of which I have highlighted in past newsletters. This environment has invigorated a new culture and passion for carrying our mission “Into the Future.” 

I often like to reflect on our founders and what they had to overcome 63 years ago in establishing ABC, offering the revolutionary idea (at the time) that people with disabilities deserve an opportunity to be in the community doing meaningful work and activities. 

Fast-forward to today and you will find that ABC is taking that spirit to a new level. Competitive integrated employment, new recreation and leisure opportunities, growth in providing independent living services, brain injury rehabilitation and more.

ABC Leadership Team group photo

Introducing the leadership team guiding ABC “Into the Future.” Left to right: Justin Mathre, Sarah Timmerman, Bruce Remme, Laurie Kellagher, Judy Johnson, Kellie Wendland.

The past year has seen organizational restructuring, a new leadership team, strategic direction discussions, policy changes driven by the Olmstead Plan, funding shifts and reductions, and regulatory requirements. If you can name it, it likely underwent a transformation.

Just a few things our community of supporters, stakeholders, Board of Directors and staff achieved during 2018:

  • Serving over 700 participants throughout Southeastern Minnesota;
  • Achieving a stakeholder satisfaction rate of 98 percent;
  • Entering the second year of deploying Person Centered Practices across the organization, top to bottom;
  • Deepening our relationships with key business partners who rely on ABC for product fulfillment and a reliable workforce day-in and day-out; 
  • Improving our information technology infrastructure; and  
  • Achieving our fundraising goals.    

These are not changes for the sake of change, but rather organizational transformations to provide the best level of service for our participants possible in a rapidly changing world. 

With this transformation, ABC is positioned to continue its success for many years to come. I say this with confidence knowing that we can continue to count on amazing support from our community and the dedicated hard work of our staff. 

As always, THANK YOU for everything you do! 

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