Inside ABC Summer 2018: Staff Launches Sustainability Initiative


Summer 2018

Staff Launches Sustainability Initiative

by Bethany Gangestad-Birk, Ability Enterprises Operations Coordinator 

The newest committee at ABC is all about SustainAbility. It was formed by Emily Ellingworth and Bethany Gangestad-Birk who have a passion for green practices after graduating from the environmentally friendly, University of Minnesota-Morris in 2016. 

“We had been talking about making a committee for months” Bethany recalls. “Then one day we saw too many pop bottles in the garbage can and decided we need to make this happen now.”

Help ABC Make a Difference!

  • Turn the lights off if there is no one in a room!
  • Recycle your plastic bottles and aluminum cans! 
  • Make your own recycling bin! 
  • Cut back on the amount of paper you use!
  • Reduce the amount of plastic silverware by bringing utensils from home!
  • Eliminate plastic bags — use reusable bags instead!

Big change can be made with many small actions, which is why this committee is devoted to educating others about sustainable practices and implementing those practices agency-wide to reduce ABC’s carbon footprint. Soon there will be info-graphics placed around the buildings and emailed out to staff to let everyone know what changes they can make to be more sustainable. Other tasks the committee will be working on include placing more recycling bins in center, monitoring light usage to save energy, and using plastic bags as a material for weaving.

The committee encourages participation by both staff and participants. The SustainAbility Committee meets bi-monthly and is open to all interested.

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