Inside ABC Summer 2018: Retirements


Summer 2018



Gary (lower left) with his family. 

Gary Rubin

Gary started his employment with ABC in 2007 as an Extended Employment job coach. His plan was to stay one year before retirement. Ten years later, Gary has finally decided to retire. He has been an inspiration to many during his time with ABC; his compassion, work ethic, dedication to ABC’s mission and positive attitude will never be forgotten. The impact he has made on the individuals he has worked with served by ABC will be lasting. 


Rena Kruse


Jean Middendorf


Geri Schroeder

Congratulations and a Huge Thank you go out to Rena Kruse, Jean Middendorf and Gerri Schroeder! All three ladies recently retired from ABC Works in Caledonia. Gerri started in May of 1996, Jean February of 2002 and Rena March of 2011. These gals have a combined total of 45 years of dedicated service and job coaching experience! Enjoy your well-deserved retirement Rena, Jean and Gerri — we will miss you!


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