Inside ABC Summer 2018: Message from the Director


Summer 2018

Message from the Director

by Bruce Remme, Executive Director 

director.jpgThese are challenging times for all disability service providers, including ABC. We have been faced with legislative mandates, policy changes, and most recently funding cuts set to go into effect on July 1. Thanks to the leadership of MOHR (Minnesota Organization for Habilitation and Rehabilitation) and all of you who joined in the grassroots efforts to “Stop the 7% Cut,” our voices were heard and the Omnibus Supplemental Budget bill passed both the State House and Senate. Unfortunately, due to bi-partisan issues, the session ended with Governor Dayton vetoing the bill.

More on “Stop the Cut”

More information on the “Stop the 7% Cut” initiative is available online from MOHR at

The Post Bulletin ( and KTTC ( recently ran feature articles on the issue — these are available online from their respective web sites.

As of this writing the funding cut is set to be enacted July 1. Action is being taken by MOHR seeking legal action and an injunction to stop the cut from going into effect.

On a more upbeat note, you will see many positive, uplifting stories in this newsletter all centered on celebrating abilities one person at a time!

Our most recent golf event, On the Tee with ABC, was another huge success. Thank you to all the Sponsors and 131 golfers who joined us for a day of beautiful weather, great food and fellowship, and some amazing golf at the Rochester Golf and Country Club. 

We are a people business, it takes funding and support to advance our mission. Community support is of utmost importance during these times. The people of ABC deserve this support and are deeply grateful for it. THANK YOU!



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