Inside ABC Summer 2018: Employee Recognition – Kaye Johnson


Summer 2018

Employee Recognition: Kaye Johnson

In the years Kaye Johnson has been with ABC, her role has changed but her care and compassion has never wavered. This was the impetus for her recent Special Achievement Pay (SAP) award nomination by fellow staff member Elizabeth Schinigoi. 


Kaye (right) teaches weaving in Ability Enterprises.

When participant Loren Bushman became ill, Kaye took it upon herself to find a pattern to make a vest out of the fabric Loren had made on the large weaving rack. She cut it out, lined it, and sewed it together. Unfortunately Loren passed away not long after, but wore the vest to his final resting place.

Kaye is currently working as a 1:1 job coach with a client who has not responded well with other staff. With her help he now tackles many different projects including placing jars, which have to be stuffed, weighted, and have covers added to be placed in boxes for shipping. She has been instrumental in assisting him regain his dignity. 

Kaye works with another client whose health has been declining rapidly in recent months. He was at the point where he couldn’t sit in a chair without assistance and was unable to work. In response Kaye created a garbage can with a foot pedal. This allows him to put screws in a jar with just the tap of his foot with the help of his 1.1 job coach. She even put a smiley face on the inside of the cover saying “yeah” for him to see whenever he lifts the cover. 

Kaye continues to go above and beyond on a daily basis. Congratulations Kaye on your deserved award! 

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