Inside ABC Summer 2018: ABC Works Kicks off New Recreation and Leisure Program


Summer 2018

ABC Works Kicks off New Recreation and Leisure Program

by Judy Johnson, Director of Programs for Houston County

“Having Fun and Making Friends” best describes the Options to Work program underway this summer for program participants at ABC Works! Everyone served is welcome to participate in a variety of community outings and activities!

On the first work day of each month, participants meet at 10:00 a.m. to review activities for the month and to give suggestions for activities in the following month. A monthly calendar is posted and program participants have the opportunity to sign up for activities.  A bulletin board located in the Rec Room (known as the “IDEA BOARD”)  encourages staff & participants to write down suggestions for activities or post community events in the area. A computer in the Rec Room can also be used to access upcoming events nearby. Participants are able to take part in individual activities as well as group activities tailored to their interests.


John Inglett takes over the captain’s role while enjoying a pontoon ride provided by the Nassau Squirrel Organization.

The monthly activity schedule includes routine activities each month such as senior dining, library, Kaddy’s Kafé, animal shelter, errands (to local stores to pick up needed supplies), post office and Valley View mall. All of these activities provide excellent opportunities for interaction and inclusion with the public. Many times the regular visits to these routine activities foster lasting relationships with community members.

Other activities planned include: pontoon rides, fishing, Myrick Park zoo, Loggers baseball games, hiking, Rainbow Bridge farm, YMCA, Nutrition Site, local festivals, Grandad’s Bluff, Owl Museum, Riverside Park, Black Beach Neighborhood Center, Good Fight Club, Zoo Mobile and bowling.

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