Inside ABC Spring/Summer 2019: Tributes and Memorials

Tributes and Memorials

Jerome Gilson On February 4, 2019 ABC Works lost our own man in black. Jerome was born August 26, 1950 and grew up working the family farm in Dorchester Iowa. Jerome came to ABC in his retirement years but still had a strong work ethic and continued to hold a job at West Salem Subway. Jerome was country at heart and loved dressing in black, donning cowboy boots, belt buckle and a ten gallon hat. Jerome loved animals, muscle cars, motorcycles, his guitar, country music, woman and fishing. Jerome was a generous man at heart, full of stories and life experiences. He enjoyed his friends and was quick with a smile and laugh. We will also remember his spark and mischief side, always trying to live his life to the fullest.

Owen Wilbert Schudt In the history of ABCWorks, there was no truer farmer amongst us than Owen Wilbert Schuldt! Throughout his 37 years at ABCWorks (Networks/DAC), Owen often reminded us that “Chickens bite” and that if we didn’t watch ourselves, he would “Put us in the barn all night.” When not working, Owen could often be found looking through farmer’s magazines, hopping on a bus to head to the nearest implement to check out the tractors, or talking to us about farm animals & farm operations. Owen’s fondness for both animals and children was quite evident in the jobs and activities that he chose to do here at ABC – Amongst his favorites were: working at The Barking Lot where he watered the dogs, his weekly trip to the Sales Barn to watch the auction sales & have a Spring Grove (Orange) soda, and his time spent at St. John’s School, helping in the Library & with reading activities in the 1st & 2nd grade classroom. Owen also loved to collate flyers, crush cans, work on buttons, & shred paper– he had a great work ethic and an even better peanut smile! Owen will always be remembered as a gentle man with a kind heart, who taught us all to enjoy the little things in life – after all…these end up being the BIG things. We will miss you Owen, but your memory will live on in all those “little things.

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