Inside ABC Spring/Summer 2019: Thank You Board

Thank you ABC Board of Directors

by Bruce Remme, Executive Director
Roger Dearth, Board President, giving Patty Simcox a recognition plaque for her time on the ABC Board.

For any Nonprofit entity, the Board of Directors plays a critical role in the governance and oversight of the organization. At ABC we are very fortunate to have an engaged and committed Board of Directors who are passionate about the people and mission of ABC. They are volunteers from across the communities we serve dedicating their time, talents, and professional expertise. I am personally grateful for the support and contribution of our Board.

Recently we held our Annual Meeting where we reviewed our 2018 results and social impact across southeast Minnesota. As we reflect on all that we have accomplished, 2018 will go down as a pivotal year in our transformation journey. The Board has played a key role in this journey, by setting the strategic direction and supporting the culture change that is underway. We owe them a big THANK YOU for all they do!

At the Annual meeting we recognized and thanked Patty Simcox for her many years of service as a Board member, past president, and committee member. We also welcomed two new Board members, Brian Rotty and Judy Tollefsrud. You can check out the current Board members and backgrounds on our web site. When you have an opportunity, please thank them for their service.

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