Inside ABC Spring/Summer 2019: SustainAbility Update

SustainAbility Committee Update

Implementing sustainable practices in the work place is a group effort. At least, that is what the 10 members of ABC’s SustainAbility Committee have found.

In the year since the group formed, they have made a great progress in moving ABC to more sustainable practices. They started by simply informing the organization about the efforts each person can individually take, like recycling their plastic bottles and aluminum cans. They team did this by placing infographics around ABC. It was quickly noticed that every one that works at ABC wanted to do their part and recycle, but the access to recycling bins was limited to only a couple areas throughout the building. With this in mind, the team was able to acquire properly labeled recycling bins and place them all throughout the building so that they were accessible for everyone. There are noticeably fewer recyclable items in the garbage cans now.

Other successful projects the team has completed include:

  • Co-hosted a Bring Your Own Mug event with the FUN team to show the benefits of using reusable mugs compared to disposable.
  • Received grant funds from People’s Energy Cooperative to purchase and install a water bottle filling station in the cafeteria. This has saved the agency over 3,000 disposable water bottles so far!
  • To celebrate Earth Day in April, Jim Whiting Nursery and Garden Center donated a Maple tree that was planted in the front of ABC.
  • Both individuals and staff had groups participate in Rochester’s A Litter Bit Better initiative in early May. Through this effort Thrivent donated $2,800 worth of LED lightbulbs.

The group has worked hard to make important changes for the organization and there is still plenty more to do!

How can you help?

Donate your reusable kitchenware to ABC – as the organization moves towards sustainability, we are eliminating our use of disposable kitchenware (i.e. cups, silverware, plates, and bowls). To make this change, we are in need of reusable kitchenware. Have ideas? We would love to hear them! Contact Bethany Gangestad-Birk at or Eric Kelly at

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