Inside ABC Spring/Summer 2019: Award Winners

Latest ABC Award Winners

Andre has shown continual growth and flexibility in his time at ABC. The quality and speed of his work are great and always improving. He is willing to help out when needed on a crew or independently. He is a shining example of what it means to be part of team ABC!

Wayne Hafner was chosen to be the 2nd quarter Woodland Outstanding Worker. Wayne has been an important part of Woodlands team since 1995. Wayne is very reliable, rarely missing a day of work. He is ready to work each morning, and loves to stay busy which is apparent in how much work he accomplishes each day. Everyone at Woodland enjoys Wayne’s sense of humor and talking with him about the Minnesota Twins, and Gophers.

Erin was awarded the 1st Quarter WOW award! She has worked at Woodland for 20 years on various general production jobs. Her favorite job is shredding. She also works at Quillin’s stocking shelves with supports from ABC Works. Erin has positive attendance and hates to miss work! She is outgoing and friendly and enjoys having fun with her co-workers! In her free time Erin loves to swim and you can often see her roaming around the community in nice weather!

Torin works hard to accomplish a wide variety of tasks at multiple job sites every week. He is described as efficient, flexible and helpful. He has a positive attitude and takes into consideration what he can do to improve his quality and efficiency at work.

Andrew was nominated by 2 people for this award. They agreed that he has grown to be more flexible in recent years. He is willing to work on later afternoon crews, even if it means getting home a little later than usual. He does a good job at staying on task and making sure he is doing a quality job. If you have met Andrew, you know he is kind to everyone he meets and always has a smile on his face!

Deb has grown so much since she started working at ABC in 2007. The amount of work she accomplishes in a day has tripled. She has become more independent recently. She will now get her lunch out on her own as well has get ready to leave by herself. Her peers agree that she is a joy to have around, especially when she sings or dances after a hard day of work.

Nathan has been exceeding his work goals. He has made great gains in his interpersonal and social skills. He has become a leader at his job sites and helps new crew members learn the ropes. His cheerful demeanor and willingness to go above and beyond have made him valuable to his crews.

Brianna has made great improvements toward her goal to be more flexible in the workplace. She is now willing to go to job sites and complete tasks that she is not used to doing. She continues to complete good quality work, be a team player, and keep a positive attitude.

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