Inside ABC, Spring 2018: Retirements


Spring 2018


amaris_jeff.jpgJeff Amaris

The ABC family extends congratulations to Jeff Amaris upon his retirement from ABC. During Jeff’s 29 year career, he has made a big impact on the lives of so many staff and participants. His legacy of leading ABC safety programs has earned ABC high marks as one of the best in the in our industry. We will miss his dedication, passion, and commitment. Thank you Jeff for your service!

Larry Goetzinger 

Larry Goetzinger retired from ABC Works Woodland Industries on December 7, 2017 after 36 years of employment. Larry had a wide variety of work skills including; working on the wood crew, custodial teams, and with Woodland’s Supported Employment. He finally found his true calling with Joe Rud Trucking beginning in March 2007 doing custodial work. Larry soon became known as “The CEO” from owners and staff at Rud’s, as Larry seemed to know everything there was to know about the business. Larry took pride in wearing his Rud’s uniform every day, and enjoyed hanging out with his friends on the crew. Larry was a big part of Woodland Industries, and Woodland is proud to have been a part of Larry’s past 36 years. 

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