Inside ABC Spring 2018: Project Eagle Soars


Spring 2018

Project Eagle Soars

by Bruce Remme, Executive Director 

projecteagle.jpgIn March of 2017, the ABC Board of Directors approved a key strategic investment called “Project Eagle.” One year later, ABC is operational on all key elements.

Project Eagle was launched to address a major phase of executing ABC’s strategic plan. The name was inspired by a participant’s drawing with the caption of “ABC Let’s Me Soar Like an Eagle” (at right). The project featured implementing new building security measures and transforming back office support with new case management software, integrated billing, payroll, and a full-function HR module. 

With support from the Otto Bremer Trust, Mayo Clinic, IBM, and many individual donations, we were able to fully fund and complete the project on schedule. As a result we have greatly enhanced security for our participants, staff, and visitors. The new software application will allow the team to be mobile and unshackled from the intensive manual process we are burdened with today. 

Thanks to awesome community support and a dedicated project team, Project Eagle has become a reality that will allow ABC to “Soar to New Heights” well into the future!

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