Inside ABC, Spring 2018: New Lowry and WOW Award Winners


Spring 2018

Congratulations to Our Latest Lowry and
WOW Award Winners!


Michelle Djonne

Michelle started her job tryout at Hy-Vee last September. She has since made amazing progress with time management, customer service skills and adopting new tasks. Michelle has gained confidence in her abilities and is doing a fantastic job of meeting and exceeding her goals. Working at Hy-Vee was her dream job — now she has earned it! 

Wendy Elwood.jpg

Wendy Elwood

Wendy is a regular on the Guesthouse and Microtel housekeeping crews and has helped in the Guesthouse Laundry. Wendy has always strived to do her best at work and has worked very diligently to improve her flexibility, hard work, dedication and initiative. She has a positive outlook on her job and life. Wendy is also very gifted at weaving and crocheting.

Dianne G.JPG

Diane Gauger

Dianne was chosen to be this quarter’s Woodland’s Outstanding Worker as she has presented a positive attitude, always gives her best and is interested in learning new jobs as they arise. Dianne works hard to reach her goals and enjoys working in the Woodland store doing various tasks but especially greeting and visiting with the customers with a smile.


Robert Herzog

Robert Herzog has been with ABC since 1986 and is currently employed with the dish crew at Byron Public Schools and in-center at ABC. Robert has made substantial progress in returning from breaks/lunch on time, become more flexible in his work schedule and ensures he wears all personal protective equipment without prompting.


Brad Neil

Brad was selected for his work ethic, consistently meeting his daily goals and for his willingness to do other tasks without being asked by the job coach. Brad is happy to do any job without complaint. Brad demonstrates a great attitude and is always in a good mood. Brad gets along well with his co-workers and is always willing to fill in. 

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