Inside ABC Fall 2018: Staff Retirements


Fall 2018

Staff Retirements

Bonnie retirement 1.JPG

Bonnie Miller

Bonnie Miller started as a job coach at ABC in 2014. Her eye for detail and drive for productivity has helped her and her crew at the People’s Food Co-op excel through the years. It is not “all work and no play” for her and her crew — she is known to brighten up days with Santa hats around the holidays and joining on outings to the Spam Museum. Bonnie encouraged hard work and dedication to her crew members all with a smile on her face. It is difficult to see her go, but we wish her luck with all the future has in store for her. 


Joanne Grethen

Joann Grethen started at ABC on June 5, 2006, in Ability Enterprises, working one-on-one with participant Kay Loftus. Together they worked at IBM sorting silverware and cleaning tables in the employee cafeteria. They also enjoyed many different leisure activities each afternoon. Joann set a fine example through her professional and conscientious view of her job — she was a great representative of ABC!

Sharon Retirement

Sharon Spencer

After being with ABC for 12 years, Sharon has retired in order to focus on her family. She held multiple roles over the years, her most recent and cherished being a Job Coach at DAHLC for six years. Sharon spent her time encouraging the people around her to do the best they can and spreading kindness to everyone.

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