Inside ABC Fall 2018: Latest Lowry and WOW Winners


Fall 2018

Latest Lowry and WOW Winners


Ricky Goetzinger

Ricky Goetzinger was chosen to be the fourth quarter’s Woodland’s Outstanding Worker. Ricky has worked at La Crescent Animal Care since 2009, and is a valued member of their team. He is very dependable and always has a positive attitude. Ricky is a hard worker and does very well juggling his work schedule and participation in Special Olympics events.


Arne Hoven

Arne has shown great success working independently at the Rochester Athletic Club and Dan Abrams Healthy Living Center. He continues to learn new jobs and continuously demonstrates great flexibility when asked to work extra days. Arne is a great role model to all at ABC and deserving of the Lowry Award. 

JL Lowry 3

Jeff Lemke

Jeff has excelled in all aspects of work since he starting on the evening crew at Benchmark. Jeff has made phenomenal strides on his attendance, with a perfect record in the most recent quarter. He continues to show consistency in his work quality and completes as much work as possible. Jeff is a model employee each and every day.

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