Inside ABC Fall 2018: Independent Living Skills Program Expands


Fall 2018

Independent Living Skills (ILS) Program Expands

by Judy Johnson, Director of Programs for Houston County 

ABC is now providing Independent Living Skills (ILS) services for people living in Houston and Fillmore Counties. The purpose of this program is to provide customized training and assistance to adults and children to develop and achieve independence in their communities. Examples of supports provided include household organization, leisure and recreation activities, community access and awareness, personal appearance and hygiene, nutrition, meal planning and cooking, grocery and personal shopping, arranging transportation, money management, social skills, pet care, self-advocacy, networking and learning, and exercising rights and responsibilities.

We received our first referral in April of this year and are now serving 11 individuals. Most individuals receive approximately six hours per week of support tailored to their individual needs. ABC is very excited to expand our programming to provide this important service to new areas in southern Minnesota!

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