Inside ABC, Fall 2017: New Lowry and WOW Award Winners


Fall 2017

Congratulations to Our Latest Lowry and WOW Award Winners!


Deb Fleshner

Deb is the 4th quarter Wow award winner. She is an energetic worker on a variety of general production jobs and in the Twice Is Nice store. She is a very dependable worker who loves to crack jokes and always has a smile on her face. She is always happy to help out wherever she is needed at Woodland Industries and gets along great with customers in the store.


Jordan Holt

Ask any program coordinator in Extended Employment to describe Jordan and the feedback is be overwhelmingly positive. Not only does Jordan demonstrate a strong work ethic and continual flexibility, but he sets the standard for a true “team player.” Jordan is truly committed to improving himself and ABC as a whole and is a worthy recipient of the Lowry Award!


Rita Kermes

Rita has been in the Fulfillment area in CBE for 25 years. For the last eight years she has worked on pregnancy packets for Mayo Clinic, where she has seen her productivity increase dramatically. Rita takes much pride in putting the packets together and her work quality is exceptional. Rita is an asset to the Fulfillment area and is a joy to work with.


Chip Smith

Chip embodies everything that the Lowry Award represents. Chip never stops working, his attendance is excellent and he always maintains a positive attitude. Chip is well liked by everyone and serves as a role model for other participants and staff. The positivity he brings to his job and flexibility is outstanding. Chip’s greatest asset is his ability to forge relationships with others.


Tim Strei

Tim has made remarkable progress in overcoming obstacles to work. He now talks to staff instead of becoming angry or frustrated. He smiles and laughs a lot more. Tim has done a great job of becoming more successful here at ABC and we look forward to seeing what the future holds. Keep up the great work Tim!


Jon Wocelka

Jon is currently working in-center with a goal of achieving community employment. He does a great job following directions and maintaining a positive attitude all day long. Jon shows great pride in his daily work. He has developed independent living skills including taking the city bus and moving into his own apartment.

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