Partnering with ABC can give you the freedom to run your business more effectively.  Your customers become our customers, and your needs become our needs.

Some examples of what our business partners are saying:

“I can only say thank you for all your efforts – we gain so much as a company and as co-workers by partnering with ABC. The benefits are many!”

— Steven Wrobel

“ABC has helped Fastenal with a variety of different jobs and are always willing to help when needed. It’s been a pleasure working with ABC and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

— Chad Schultheis

“ABC has provided professional cleaning services for Custom Alarm for the past 10 years and continues to provide exceptional service. During this time, ABC has not only become a valued contractor, their clients and job site coaches have become part of our family. I have been here almost six years and to date have not had to worry about ABC’s ability to effectively get the job done. They do a great job of coordinating with us for issues that may arise, including the event of staff turnover or holiday schedules. It is evident to me that the job coaches, coach supervisors, business developers, and program managers I’ve worked with sincerely care about their associates. This caring attitude is carried out in the clients’ individual work performance and to their customers. I took a tour of ABC’s facility last year and was astonished with the diversity and the complexity of the projects they handle for many local businesses. I was also pleasantly surprised to see a lot of friendly faces that I recognized from working with them in the past.”

— Jeff Springer, Operations Manager
Custom Alarm  

“We are spoiled by the consistency, detail and swiftness of the crew.  We can’t thank ABC enough for sending this crew to keep our building in tip-top shape.  Stealing a famous line, ‘They’re Great!’”

— Pastor J.C. Duncan
Chatfield United Methodist Church   

“They’ve met and exceeded every expectation.”

— Tim Pater, Warehouse Manager
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Rochester

The following is reprinted with permission from Charter’s December 2015 employee newsletter:

Warehouse Finds Success by Partnering with Disabled Workers Association

by Kimberly Noetzel

Charter has found a successful partnership with an organization out of southern Minnesota called Ability Building Center (ABC) – an organization that serves adults with disabilities to work in the community.


Brad Oberle, Supply Chain Hub leader, was looking for a way to create operational efficiencies during the All-Digital project in June 2014. His goal was to free up full time employees from repetitive work so they could focus on higher priority tasks. Hiring temporary employees was one way to do that, but finding good temporary help proved to be a challenge. Brad started brainstorming and decided to call on ABC to see if their services matched Charter’s needs.

When ABC Business Developer, Jeff Walthers received the call, he was excited to get ABC program participants placed with Charter because the type of work performed in a warehouse is so different from the typical opportunities presented to the participants. “The environment at Charter is very attractive. A lot of our participants have never been to a warehouse and they are fascinated by the hustle and bustle,” says Walther.

Participants work on tasks that best fits their abilities. During Charter’s All-Digital project they sorted cable cords and put stickers on digital receivers. Currently, participants are focused on cleaning digital receivers, checking for dents and getting the boxes ready to go out to customers.

Both Walther and Oberle agree that starting out is not always an easy transition – and that a commitment is required from each organization. “It was a bit of a rough start,” said Oberle, “Not everyone knew how to communicate with each other or how to handle situations that occasionally came up. We also needed to get the right participants in place and had to figure out how to work best together.” And that is exactly what happened.

charter2Walther noted the employees at Charter have been very supportive and helpful. The staff and management have gone out of their way to make sure ABC participants get what they need to be successful – such as setting up visual boards and adding tables to their workspace. “Not every day is the same and it can be challenging, but Charter has worked with us beautifully. Charter is an everyday household name which is exciting to our participants. They get to wear lanyards with their picture on it and have a name badge; and that is a big deal to them. It makes them proud to show their badge and share that they work for this well-known company,” said Walthers.

The partnership creates an engaging environment for ABC participants, like Andy Goodman, who love coming to work each day. “I like working for Charter and I like vacuuming the boxes. They come from all over and I get to clean them up.” says Goodman. “I made some friends here too, like Jim (Glocke, warehouse technician) He’s a good guy and makes me laugh.”

The partnership Charter and ABC created is one that Oberle plans to continue. “It’s a good feeling to know Charter is providing a place for disabled workers. ABC program participants have become a part of the Charter family and we are grateful for their assistance,” Oberle concluded.