Tributes & Memorials

ABC is honored to receive gifts from family, friends and loved ones in memory of those who have died and in recognition to others who live on. The following gifts were received January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015.

In Recognition of:
Margaret Coleman Jane Kreidermacher
Larry Erickson Jane Kreidermacher
Bob Herzog Roger & Irene Herzog
Ted Johannsen
Ronald & Jeanette Johannsen
Bill & Doreen Markus Richard & Lynne Weber
Doreen Markus Carol Keegan
Susan Olson Duane Olson
Justin Riekmann Eugene & Marilyn Wojtczak

In Memory of:
Rolf Axelson All Pest Exterminating
Richard & June Axelson
Vic Ching
Paul Miller
Joel Young
Elaine Beyer Les Beyer
Albert Bowie Pat Lynaugh
Barbara Burgess Karen Burgess
Warren Fay
Lynn Lutz
Bruce Carpenter Don & Donnis Buchan
Walter Hill James & Patricia Haley
John Hulsizer Ken & Jacky Swenson
Daniel Johnson Donald Johnson
William Keller Beatrice Hill
Jenean Kreidermacher Robert Hilleman
Craig & Laurie Kellagher
Diana Kittelson
Bill & Doreen Markus
Ronald & Dottie Persik
Tom & Pat Peyla
Lavonna Meiners Marilyn Deters
Kenneth Gass
Virgil Johnson
Don Meiners
Delores Smith
Ronnie Miller Dan & Betty Bielen
Jeff O’Toole Sandy & Shirley Russo
Jeff & Jane Radditz Lawrence & Lucille Wehrs
Gary Rahman Evelyn Sykes
Judye Reiland Pete & Margaret Coleman
Wayne & Phyllis Reynolds Robert & Sandra Reynolds
Bobby Smith Bob Larson
Ray Stenhaug Jane & Mary Champion
Polly Sternhagen H. Peter Kahlmann
Arlene Stueve Evelyn Sykes
Jeanne Sugrue James Sugrue
John Sugrue James Sugrue
Earl Tieman Eva Tieman
Tony Tschida, Sr. Sandra Tschida
Fred Wagner Marlys Wagner
David Welte Cliff & Shirley Jossart
Robert Zackery Robert Zackery