Lowry Award

The Lowry Award was first established in 1988 to honor Elizabeth Lowry, one of ABC’s founders.

The Award recognizes participants with excellent work skills and attitude. The individual who receives the Lowry Award has been nominated by their job coach/supervisor or their coordinator. Individuals are rated on the following categories: quality and quantity of work, attendance and punctuality, personal relationships, initiative and flexibility, and attitude. Participants do not need to be perfect in these areas but do need to show consistent progress.

ABC’s Lowry Team meets every other month to review the nominations and vote for a winner. Currently there are 12 winners named each year.

ABC serves over 900 participants every year, so winning the Lowry Award is a tremendous accomplishment. After a participant wins the award, their team is called together for a party to honor the winner. The winner receives a personalized cake and a check from ABC. They also receive their Lowry Award plaque on stage at the ABC annual banquet in October.

ABC Staff: If you have a participant on your crew or in your work area that meets the Lowry Award criteria, please do not hesitate to submit a nomination. Contact Kellie Wendland or Linda Livingston for more information and/or a nomination form. Keep your eyes out for that great worker that deserves special recognition!