ABC Partner Stories

For more than 60 years, ABC has paired local businesses and organizations in Southeastern Minnesota with qualified, motivated workers – workers who just happen to have disabilities or other obstacles to traditional work.

Some amazing stories have emerged from these partnerships. Those below are just a few of many – click on the images for the full story:


“Thanks to the ABC crew I know things will be ready to go by the time we open. They let me focus on other important aspects of running my business.”

— Tory Runkle, Dooley’s co-Owner


“We love having the ABC crew here at Ironwood Springs. They work hard to keep our visitors rooms clean and comfortable.”

Jan Odle, Ironwood Hospitality Director


“Kate is such an important part of our team. Her positive attitude is an inspiration to all of us.”

— Amy Dobrunze, Kwik Trip Assistant Store Leader


“I’m doing so many things all the time and may not otherwise realize that we’re getting short on a certain item. Elisa and the ABC crew help me keep a handle on that. It’s a really great partnership.”

— Mark Bertschinger, Rochester Olive Garden Manager

Partnering with ABC can give you the freedom to run your business more effectively.  Your customers become our customers, and your needs become our needs.

For more information contact:

Lynda Kuscienko
Employment Specialist