ABC Partner Stories: Dooley’s Pub

The bonds between Dooley’s and ABC were first forged in 1993 when Tom Murphy first hired an ABC crew to work at McMurphy’s Sports Cafe. When McMurphy’s evolved into Dooley’s in 2010, ABC was there as its cleaning crew.


The ABC crew inside Dooley’s Pub in 2017.

Every Monday through Friday since then, the ABC team has arrived early in the morning and worked until just before Dooley’s opens for lunch — cleaning and prepping the facility for a busy day and night ahead.

It probably doesn’t hurt that Dan Wethington brings Tory his morning coffee every day, “whether I want it or not,” Tory added smiling. It’s a routine that both would miss if ABC wasn’t there. Tory first started working for Tom when he was just a teenager and has fond memories of working with the ABC team.

“Thanks to the ABC crew I know things will be ready to go by the time we open. They let me focus on other important aspects of running my business.”

– Tory Runkle, Dooley’s co-Owner.

The ABC crew also loves working at Dooley’s and it’s clear they all feel part of the Dooley’s team. Over the years they have celebrated many milestones together. This becomes immediately apparent when inspecting the photos covering the walls in Tory’s office, many of which include crew members.

Kaye Johnson was a member of the original team in 1993 and remains with ABC today.
She remembers the birthday parties, lunches, and outings of which the ABC team was a part. “They really cared about everyone on the crew and included them in everything,” Kaye recalls. Until recently she would bring some of the retired crew members to lunch at Dooley’s on St. Patrick’s Day to visit and reminisce about the good times they shared.


Dan Wethington readies for a new day’s work.

There have been many memories and accomplishments throughout the years. In 1995 Dooley’s was honored at the annual ABC banquet as its Community Employer of the Year. In 2013 a retirement party was held at Dooley’s for Rolf Axelson — the last member of the original crew to retire.

Although it remains a mystery why or what his motivations were, it is clear to everyone that Tom Murphy had an undeniable love for the participants at ABC. He was caring and protective of them, and never wavered in his desire that they work at Dooley’s.

Since Murphy’s passing in 2014, Tory has continued Tom’s legacy. With a daughter of his own who is autistic, Tory is an advocate for finding the abilities in others. He also works with Autism Awareness and The Team 25 Foundation.

Next time you’re at Dooley’s having lunch or watching a game with friends, pause a moment to reflect on who mopped the floors, cleaned the restrooms, and who will be sweeping up the popcorn after you’re gone!

Both Tory and ABC look forward to many more years and memories with current and future crews.

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