Inside ABC Fall 2018: ABC and People’s Food Co-op


Fall 2018

ABC and People’s Food Co-op

by Lynda Kuscienko, Employment Specialist 

Since opening its doors in Rochester in 2013, The People’s Food Co-op (PFC) has partnered with ABC to fill positions in their store with contract work. The ABC/PFC partnership has been one of the most powerful demonstrations of what our participants can achieve with a supportive employer. 

amy pfc.jpg

Amy at work in the People’s Food Co-op kitchen.

The Co-op team, led by Store Manager Karla Meyer, has been working hard the past year to develop creative solutions for matching workers skills’ with lasting opportunities. 

In August Mitch Bentley and Amy Renken were the latest from ABC to be offered positions with the Co-op. Both have held their positions for several years. Amy is a dishwasher in the main kitchen two days a week (Karla would love to have her more!) and Mitch works in the deli as a dishwasher. Mitch has also recently learned new tasks in the dining and buffet areas. 


Mitch pauses for a photo in the PFC deli.

Karla stated, “It has been a real pleasure working with the participants from ABC over the past five years. We are really excited to welcome aboard several onto our team!”

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