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Ability Built Computers

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- Eligibility Info
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Southern Minnesota Assistive Technology Center (SMATC)

Ability Built Computers

Program Information

Ability Built Computers is an innovative program of Ability Building Center (ABC) in partnership with community government, non-governmental and private sector organizations throughout Southeastern Minnesota.

Our program refurbishes donated computer equipment and makes this equipment available for sale at reduced prices to qualified organizations, families and individuals. We are proud to be a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher offering genuine Microsoft products.

Ability Built Computers has three primary goals:

  1. Provide high-quality, cost-effective technology solutions to eligible partners (lower income individuals and families, schools and eligible nonprofit organizations);
  2. Provide modern job opportunities to people with disabilities; and
  3. Recycle, refurbish, and reuse as much equipment as possible, leaving very little to enter the waste stream.

Information for Individuals or Families

Information for Organizations (Non-profits, schools, etc.)

Other Ways You Can Help

  1. Donate. Our program partners with community government, non-governmental and private sector organizations to receive unneeded computer and technology equipment. ABC clients and tech volunteers refurbish the donated equipment where possible and otherwise identify working components that can be used in the refurbishment process. Any scrap materials are recycled or disposed in an environmentally sound manner. For more information please contact us by email or by phone at (507) 535-7119. 
  2. VolunteerAbility Built Computers has ample volunteer opportunities in areas such as program assistance, engineering, facilities and maintenance, supervision of persons with disabilities, technology and marketing. Volunteering with Ability Built Computers is a great way to use your talents and experience to make a difference in the lives of persons with disabilities. If your career goals include taking time to give back to your community, Ability Built Computers is the place for you! See the ABC volunteer page for more information and to contact a volunteer coordinator. 


TuxUbuntu Linux Available!

Pre-installed on selected systems - please call or email for more information.

For more information, contact:

Ability Built Computers
1911 14th Street NW
Rochester, MN 55901
(507) 535-7119

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Ability Built Computers worker


We’re happy to announce that we have a new supply of HP 8200/8300 Small Form Factor desktops and 19" Dell/HP displays!

HP Desktop

These computers are designed to be more than adequate for typical school and non-profit organization applications.

HP 8300 small form factor $100 – (20% discount for quantities of 10 or more)
- 3rd generation i5 3470 CPU 3.2 GHz
- 4 GB RAM
- Intel HD 2500 HD graphics
- NO hard drive or operating system
- Display, keyboard, and mouse are NOT included

HP 8200 small form factor $80 – (20% discount for quantities of 10 or more)- 2nd generation i5 2400 CPU 3.1 GHz
- 4 GB RAM
- Intel HD 2000 HD graphics
- NO hard drive or operating system
- Display, keyboard, and mouse are NOT included

HP and Dell displays
- 19” displays $15 ($20 with speakers - 10% discount for quantities of 10 or more)
- 20”-22” displays $25 ($30 with speakers - 10% discount for quantities of 10 or more)

Quantities vary by product and demand - contact Ability Built Computers for current stock of specific products of interest!


What are Ability Built Computers?

Ability Built Computers are quality refurbished computer systems running Windows 10 Professional. All systems have a minimum of 4 GB of RAM, 80 GB hard drive and dual core processors.

We include a comprehensive set of freeware and open source software including OpenOffice, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and more. Microsoft Office is available for installation on Ability Built Computers at reduced cost for qualfied applicants.

Who is eligible to purchase computers from Ability Built Computers?

Consult the full eligibilty requirements for individuals or for organizations.

- In general, an eligible individual for whom any one of the following applies:

  1. Receives any form of verifiable public assistance;
  2. Has a verifiable disability; or
  3. Has a gross household income that is equal to or less than 280% of Federal poverty level (as in the table below):

# in

280% of Federal Poverty Level

1 $32,956
2 $44,604
3 $56,252
4 $67,900
5 $79,548
6 $91,196
7 $102,844
8 $114,492

- In general an organization is eligible if either:

  1. The organization has certified charitable status (e.g. active 501(c)(3) designation); or
  2. The organization is a certified academic or educational institution.

What equipment is available?

Ability Built Computers offers desktop and laptop computers, monitors, keyboards and mice. Depending on availability, Ability Built may also have printers, scanners, routers and other equipment for purchase.

How much do Ability Built Computers cost?

  • Desktop systems start at $40 (includes dual core computer, 17" LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse)
  • Laptops start at $50.

What is the process to obtain an Ability Built Computer?

  1. Complete the individual application form or organization application form.
  2. Have an eligible institution certify eligibility or provide sufficient documentation of eligibility (individuals); or attach copy of official 501(c)(3) designation letter (organizations).
  3. Return the application and supporting documents (if any) to Ability Built Computers.
  4. If the application is approved, Ability Built Computers will contact you (usually within 1-2 business days) to schedule an appointment to select and pick up a computer.

What warranties do you provide?

All systems are covered by a 90-day warranty. The warranty does not cover user damage, including damage caused by viruses or other malware.

Do you repair computers?

Ability Built Computers offers warranty and low-cost repairs for equipment purchased through the program. Unfortunately we are unable to offer repairs on equipment purchased elsewhere. Repair appointments can be requested online here.

Do you accept equipment donations?

Absolutely! We accept nearly all working computer equipment except CRT monitors and laser or inkjet printers without toner/ink. We will reuse as much of this equipment as possible and recycle or dispose of the rest in an environmentally sound manner.

I'm new to computers, where can I get help getting started?

There are a number of basic computer classes offered by various institutions in the area. Check with your case worker or counsellor for more information on current offerings.

There are several free online tutorials that may also be helpful, including:






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